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What Drives You? (blog)

When we think about creating a mission statement, we might think of buttoned up folks in a board room wordsmithing language that doesn’t really say anything. It’s too corporate. It’s a waste of time… But is it? When a business has a mission statement, or at least clarity of purpose, there is guidance on how that business operates. Businesses with...[ read more ]

Mission Driven Work

Mission Driven Work Curt and Katie chat about walking your talk, sticking to your mission, and being strategic in how you incorporate new initiatives and perspectives into your work. We look at the tendency to take action without thinking about where you fit into the conversation and without tying those actions back to your mission and why you do what...[ read more ]

Authentic Side Hustels

Authentic Side Hustles An interview with Annie Schuessler about when and how to consider adding a business outside the therapy room. Curt and Katie explore with Annie about how someone can actually succeed in developing a side hustle, looking at the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs and effective products and services. It’s time to reimagine therapy and what it means to...[ read more ]

Making Decisions Now (blog)

Many of us are two months into quarantine and have settled into a new normal. There are people who are working from home, have shifted to 100% telehealth, and others who have navigated CDC and WHO guidelines to keep going to work or seeing clients in their office. We have transformed how we live to work to decrease the impacts...[ read more ]

Returning to the Office

Returning to the Office Curt and Katie chat about the considerations for reopening offices closed during shelter in place orders. We talk through the specific logistical, clinical, and legal and ethical elements of the decision-making process for those who shifted to telehealth in response to the pandemic. It’s time to reimagine therapy and what it means to be a therapist....[ read more ]

Gaslighting Therapists

Gaslighting Therapists Curt and Katie talk about the concern that therapists will be gaslit as therapist workforce takes on the next epidemic – the mental health pandemic. We discuss how mental health workers are seen as essential, but are not paid or are underpaid. We dig into the dangerous “Hero Narrative” and its specific impacts on the health and livelihood....[ read more ]

Confidential Communications

An interview with Jarred Bolen, Technical Account Manager at Hushmail, about how to appropriately comply with HIPAA in how you communicate with your clients. Curt and Katie talk with Jarrod about encryption, security considerations, and how (and why) to create a HIPAA compliant office, even now. It’s time to reimagine therapy and what it means to be a therapist. To...[ read more ]

Gaslighting the Mental Health Workforce (blog)

I’ve seen several people share this article  about the gaslighting that will occur after the COVID-19 pandemic in an urge to get to a sense of normalcy. One of the places that we will fully expect to see this is in the roles of mental health workers. There are already suggestions that mental health treatment will be the next need...[ read more ]

CAMFT Ethics Code Update

Curt and Katie talk about the updates to the Ethics Code for CAMFT that was approved in December, 2019. We talk about the new guidance on testimonials, marketing to each other’s clients, and duplication of services. We look at what we can do and what we probably still shouldn’t do. It’s time to reimagine therapy and what it means to...[ read more ]

Now What? (blog)

Each one of us has had to scramble to shift and change as our world has gone into crisis. Many of us have made a full switch to virtual meetings and sessions. There are economic uncertainties and there is emotional fall-out that we are navigating at the same time as our clients and colleagues. It can be hard to know...[ read more ]

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