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Online therapy is here to stay (blog)

Online therapy is here to stay

Online isn’t going away for therapists…the good and the bad   The COVID-19 crisis forced the majority of the mental healthcare profession online—from graduate school training to supervision to delivery of services to clients. After the initial transition many experienced therapists reported success in their transition to online care, especially those working from CBT models, with therapists practicing from a...[ read more ]

Work Harder Than Your Clients

Work Harder Than Your Clients Curt and Katie chat about why and when you should ignore the advice to “not work harder than your clients.” We look at bias in goal-setting, managing risk, focusing on the client’s needs, and the importance of continuing education as well as on-going work outside of session. It’s time to reimagine therapy and what it...[ read more ]

Bi+ Erasure

Bi+ Erasure An interview with Dr. Mimi Hoang, Ph.D., about Bi+ Affirmative therapy and what therapists often get wrong about working with Bi+ people. Curt and Katie talk with Dr. Mimi about how often Bi+ people are left out of the conversation (and training) regarding LGBTQ+ people, the consistent erasure and exclusion Bi+ people face, the biases that show up...[ read more ]

Mission Driven Work

Mission Driven Work Curt and Katie chat about walking your talk, sticking to your mission, and being strategic in how you incorporate new initiatives and perspectives into your work. We look at the tendency to take action without thinking about where you fit into the conversation and without tying those actions back to your mission and why you do what...[ read more ]

Therapy as a Political Act

Therapy as a Political Act An interview with Dr. Travis Heath, PhD, regarding the myth that therapists can remain neutral and be considered not “political”. Curt and Katie talk with Travis about how he perceives effective therapy and how to interrogate the ways in which people interact within the systems where they live and work (and what they consider to...[ read more ]

Ally is a Verb

Ally is a Verb Curt and Katie chat about how to engage in ally work. We look at white fragility, helpful and harmful responses during times of crisis, and how to leverage privilege appropriately to work to address systemic racism and oppression. We encourage people to step beyond keyboard warriorship and focusing on ourselves to taking actions that can impact...[ read more ]

The Person of the Therapist

The Person of the Therapist An interview with Dr. Harry Aponte about challenging the idea that therapists can be blank screens or “surgeons.” We talk with Dr. Aponte about the importance of the self of the therapist in creating the relationship and doing effective clinical work. We also look into his Person of the Therapist Training and much of his...[ read more ]

Treating First Responders

Episode 149: Treating First Responders An interview with Yael Shuman, LMFT, on the unique challenges that First Responders face and treatment considerations. Curt and Katie talk with Yael about what therapists get wrong working with first responders, especially when therapists are unable to keep their stuff together when these clients disclose their traumatic experiences. We look at resources, resilience, and...[ read more ]

Dissociation in Therapy

An interview with Dr. Jamie Marich on how to navigate through dissociation in the therapy room. Curt and Katie interview Jamie about her own experiences with dissociation and what she does to cope as a dissociative professional. We discuss the importance of mindfulness and other strategies to take care of ourselves as well as treating dissociative clients. We also chat...[ read more ]

You Can’t Trust Your Gut

Curt and Katie talk about the ins and outs of intuition. We look at when you can trust your gut feelings and when you cannot. We sort through how to actually develop and use clinical intuition as well as the problems that can come into play when you do not follow the appropriate steps. It’s time to reimagine therapy and...[ read more ]

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