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Simplify It (blog)

When you’re learning a job or starting (or growing) a business, it’s hard to do things well. You have to first figure out what you’re doing THEN you can think about how you want to do it. Many people in our field get stuck doing things in really strange ways because we’re running full tilt to get our work done...[ read more ]

What’s in a Name? (blog)

Whether a question of safety, professional brand recognition, or just plain laziness, clinicians must balance their business needs versus the requirements of their licensing boards. An issue develops around what to call yourself…and how to do it. Most licensing boards require that you keep your current legal name on file and that you practice under that name. But for those...[ read more ]

How to Post Enough Stuff (blog)

Everyone tells you that all #ModernTherapists need to have a blog, a podcast, a newsletter, and tons of social media posts. That’s not totally true, but it certainly can be helpful to put some nice content out there to share with your audience. The focus of this blog post is not to debate whether you should post stuff or even...[ read more ]

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