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We’re failing as lifelong learners (blog)

When it comes to therapist education, we have a bad case of “that’s how we’ve always done it.” Our education system is slow to change, including how to address client-informed care, working within interdisciplinary teams, and subject areas such as substance use and sexuality. This creates workforce problems where employers find that new graduates are not prepared to enter the...[ read more ]

How to Navigate through your Growing Pains as a Therapist (blog)

Becoming a successful therapist would be so much easier if you were told exactly what to do to make it all work out. So often we get thrown off course by the growing pains or obstacles that are actually fairly predictable.   Here are some of the common growing pains we see at each stage of a therapist’s career (and tips...[ read more ]

Is it time to burn it all down? (blog)

Your degree and your license are likely keeping your clients from feeling better more quickly. The educational system is making you jump through hoops that shouldn’t necessarily be there, teaching you things that don’t necessarily benefit clients, and holding you accountable to things that aren’t necessarily inclusive of today’s clients. There is a chasm between the graduate education programs and...[ read more ]

Please Stop Running! (blog)

We need to stop running! Not all of you amazing marathon runners – you all keep up the good work. We’re talking about the busy-ness and chaos that ensues when there’s too much to do and no time to breathe. It feels like so many people we’ve talked to are running around like chickens with their heads cut off. This...[ read more ]

Let’s Break Some Rules (blog)

A lot of our focus over at Therapy Reimagined seems to hit on growing therapists and early career professionals. However, this isn’t the entirety of our profession. Not by a long shot. There are those who advance and mature; those who become established and senior in our world. Ultimately, those who set the path for the next generation of therapists....[ read more ]

Making Daily Business Decisions (blog)

When there is a lot to do, it can be really hard to figure out what to focus your attention on, and what to spend time, money, and energy on… you name it. Here are some quick questions to help you sort through your to-do list. Ask yourself the following, in this order: Where is the money? When you are...[ read more ]

Use It or Lose It (blog)

We’ve all heard about “use it or lose it”—the idea that if we don’t use skills or habits that the skills will diminish over time. Does this hold true for therapy skills? While it doesn’t take much thinking to realize that we aren’t as good at things that we learned long ago, how soon do we actually start losing these...[ read more ]

The 7 Best Excuses to Avoid Starting Your Private Practice (blog)

So, you want to start a private practice. Or at least you think you do. You’re dreaming about your gorgeous office while watching and reading a million free resources about how to get your first client. You have debated niche, insurance, and location and you’re going to get started. Really. Well, maybe next month. Or it’s better to start in...[ read more ]

Validation (blog)

We’ve been asked quite a few times lately about what our mission is with our podcast and conference. When we first started out, our mission was to validate the experiences of the modern therapist and it continues to be to this day. To say, “Yes, grad school doesn’t prepare you for productivity standards”, and “Documenting sessions is a lot harder...[ read more ]

Simplify It (blog)

When you’re learning a job or starting (or growing) a business, it’s hard to do things well. You have to first figure out what you’re doing THEN you can think about how you want to do it. Many people in our field get stuck doing things in really strange ways because we’re running full tilt to get our work done...[ read more ]

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