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Online therapy is here to stay (blog)

Online therapy is here to stay

Online isn’t going away for therapists…the good and the bad   The COVID-19 crisis forced the majority of the mental healthcare profession online—from graduate school training to supervision to delivery of services to clients. After the initial transition many experienced therapists reported success in their transition to online care, especially those working from CBT models, with therapists practicing from a...[ read more ]

Work Harder Than Your Clients

Work Harder Than Your Clients Curt and Katie chat about why and when you should ignore the advice to “not work harder than your clients.” We look at bias in goal-setting, managing risk, focusing on the client’s needs, and the importance of continuing education as well as on-going work outside of session. It’s time to reimagine therapy and what it...[ read more ]

Reigniting Therapy

Reigniting Therapy An interview with Dr. Daryl Chow regarding how to do effective therapy. Curt and Katie talk with Dr. Chow about the ways in which therapists can improve clinically – looking at the relationship, the expectations of clients, and what we each uniquely bring to the room. We also discuss deliberate practice, lifelong learning, and the difference between confidence...[ read more ]

Therapy as a Political Act

Therapy as a Political Act An interview with Dr. Travis Heath, PhD, regarding the myth that therapists can remain neutral and be considered not “political”. Curt and Katie talk with Travis about how he perceives effective therapy and how to interrogate the ways in which people interact within the systems where they live and work (and what they consider to...[ read more ]

The Person of the Therapist

The Person of the Therapist An interview with Dr. Harry Aponte about challenging the idea that therapists can be blank screens or “surgeons.” We talk with Dr. Aponte about the importance of the self of the therapist in creating the relationship and doing effective clinical work. We also look into his Person of the Therapist Training and much of his...[ read more ]

Traumatizing Trauma Workers: Don’t Leave the choice to the worker (blog)

Circling in the news recently and being shared widely on social media is the story of Dr. Lorna Breen, a New York ER doctor who died by suicide after having served in the frontlines in treating cases of COVID-19. While Dr. Breen was not a therapist, any member of our healthcare community that dies by suicide is a warning sign...[ read more ]

Unlearning Very Bad Therapy

An interview with Carrie Wiita and Ben Fineman, MFT Trainees and the co-hosts of the Very Bad Therapy podcast. Curt and Katie interview Ben and Carrie about their experience as graduate students and mental health advocates. We look at the short-falls of the educational system as well as the mythologies that stagnate the profession. We talk about how to improve...[ read more ]

Suicidal Therapists

An interview with Norine Vander Hooven, LCSW about therapists who become suicidal. Curt and Katie interview Norine on the risk factors that therapists face as well as how we can support each other in our community. We talk about prevention, interventions with a colleague, and how to manage when a colleague dies by suicide. It’s time to reimagine therapy and...[ read more ]

Preventing Client Suicide

An interview with Norine Vander Hooven, LCSW about assessing suicide appropriately for our clients from the beginning of treatment. Curt and Katie talk with Norine about what therapists often miss with their clients and how to treat suicidality when it comes up. It’s time to reimagine therapy and what it means to be a therapist. We are human beings who...[ read more ]

Therapists on Your Couch

Curt and Katie talk about the nuance of treating therapists in therapy. We look at the unique dynamics in the therapeutic relationship as well as common traps to avoid. It’s time to reimagine therapy and what it means to be a therapist. To support you as a whole person and a therapist, your hosts, Curt Widhalm and Katie Vernoy talk...[ read more ]

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