Learn how to fill a group in private practice without coffee dates or networking events, even if no one in your community knows your name yet and you have no idea where to start. Free trainings and resources (like a free 5-day group jump start guide with your step-by-step plan to creating the group your ideal clients are ready to enroll in today) at http://www.becomeagroupguru.com.

They offer a whole suite of tools to help all of us be more successful therapists throughout our careers, including continuing education, California license exam prep, and the updated and essential reference book, Basics of California Law for LMFTs, LPCCs, and LCSWs.

Visit them at https://bencaldwelllabs.com/



What’s the point of having a beautiful website if it doesn’t attract the clients you want to see? As the World Wide leaders of website design for therapists, Brighter Vision sees this issue happen way too often. A nice-looking website doesn’t equate to a successful website. The truth is, your current website might even be turning off potential clients.

That’s where Brighter Vision comes in. Brighter Vision’s team of website designers will create you a website that is centered around attracting and retaining your ideal client. So that you can have a nice-looking website as well as a successful one.

To save $120 on your first year, head on over to http://www.brightervision.com/therapyreimagined.



They provide evidence-based treatment for eating disorders, binge eating disorders, mental health, substance use, and co-occurring conditions nationwide. Discovery offers gender inclusive and gender-specific treatment with separate programming for adolescent and adults. Programs have a high staff to client ratio because individualized attention is critical when it comes to providing effective and efficient treatment. Learn more about these clinical programs at CenterForDiscovery.com. Discovery offers free resources including weekly support groups, a recovery app, free evaluations, and treatment scholarships. Learn more about Discovery’s Free Weekly Support Groups, for those struggling and loved ones, at SupportInRecovery.com. Center For Discovery is a preferred provider and in-network with all major insurance companies.


You went to school to become a therapist, not an accountant! Your time is much better spent doing what you love–helping people–and not crunching numbers. That’s where GreenOak Accounting comes in! They specialize in increasing the profit of private practices just like yours, so you can reclaim precious hours each week! If you are interested in freeing up your schedule for more clients, or just to get some time back for yourself, if you’re behind on your books or ready to implement Profit First, or need someone on your financial team who really understands private practice and can help your business grow, go to greenoakaccounting.com to schedule a 100% free no-obligation consultation today or sign up for 5 days of profit-boosting emails.


How often do you avoid talking about death and bereavement with your clients? Don’t worry you’re not the only one. The fact is, every client will be impacted by grief at some point. You can be great at supporting them through it! Grief Education offers online classes where you’ll learn what current, validated research tells us about these experiences and you’ll practice talking about grief and death so you’ll be confident talking about it with your clients.

Visit http://www.GriefEducation.com to learn more and register for classes.


At Lisa Marie Accounting we know that an owner who understands her finances takes control over her business and her destiny! Lisa’s job is to help you get your numbers feeling Sassy, Sexy and a whole lot badassy! Because when you know and LOVE your numbers, everything you do is informed, calculated and creates unbridled success.

With a constant — but sassy — eye on “budgeting,” growth, income and outgo… plus a heavy dose of mindset upleveling around finances, abundance, pricing and growth… members of Freedom Financial Monthly are financially empowered.

They know where their business money is going. They have a plan — and the profit — to grow. They are overly dependent on no-one (including that needy client) for their income and stand tall on their own two financial feet. When the tax man comes around… they’re prepared for taxes and may be “irritated” but they’re not shocked, panicked and scrambling for how to pay Uncle Sam.

Freedom Financial Monthly is an online membership for women entrepreneurs who are ready to grow not only their business, but their income, their sense of peace around finances and confidence around cash.

Just for Therapy Reimagined listeners, register today using code Therapy Reimagined and get your membership at Founding Member pricing! For all the Sassy details visit Lisa at https://www.lisamarieaccounting.com/financial-freedom-monthly/.

They provide clinical supervision online through a HIPAA compliant video platform. Motivo was started by Rachel McCrickard, a LMFT who attended Azusa Pacific University in CA. Rachel had a difficult time finding quality affordable supervision after graduate school. After state licensure boards began allowing online supervision, she became inspired to take action. Therapists are able to search through a directory of quality clinical supervisors, licensed in states throughout the country. Session rates range from only $40-60 per hour.

To find out more, go to http://www.wearemotivo.com or email hello@wearemotivo.com. You can also call them at 470-231-1256. Mention the Modern Therapist podcast and receive your first session for free.

My Solution Services is more than your typical VA. With over 13 years of experience in Mental Health, they specialize in working with professional clinicians all over the US and Canada. My Solutions Services, Inc provides Online Business Management (OBM) and Certified Professional Practice Building Coaching for therapists. They help with the daily tasks of running the business side of private practice – everything on the outside of the therapy room! Working with therapists around the world they provide the assistance you need that is customized to your practice. Visit out their website for resources and information on building your solo or group practice at mysolutionservices.com

AND they have a special gift for you…here is The Ultimate Guide to Outsourcing in your Private/Group practice. With over 200 items here, you don’t have to do the daily tasks of running your business on your own ever again! Get your guide at: https://mysolutionservices.com/ultimate-guide/


Reasons Eating Disorder Center in Los Angeles, CA provides comprehensive, personalized and gender-inclusive treatment programs for ages 12 and older. Reasons’ programs are designed to address the complexities of eating disorders and their intersection with anxiety, trauma, OCD, and substance abuse by providing each patient with a multidisciplinary team of professionals to assist in their process of healing. We offer our patients hope rooted in the belief that they are capable of living an authentic life of meaning and connectedness.

Reasons Eating Disorder Center is an innovative program founded on the belief that healing is a fundamental aspect of eating disorder treatment. We believe that eating disorders are rooted in and driven by anxiety and profound disruptions to the sufferers’ sense of self. We offer our patients hope, rooted in the belief that they are capable of living an authentic life of meaning and connectedness. Our goal is to create a culture that nurtures the integration of body and mind through the daily practice and continual reinforcing of the balancing ideas of Doing and Being.

Reasons offers highly personalized, gender-inclusive treatment for adults and adolescents. Our levels of care include Inpatient, residential, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient and independent living. Reasons is located in the greater Los Angeles area and accepts most insurances. Please visit http://www.reasonsedc.com for more information, or call our admissions team at 844 572-2766.

SimplePractice is a HIPAA compliant all in one practice management platform where you can schedule appointments, use paperless intakes, file insurance claims, meet with clients remotely using our integrated Telehealth system, and do so much more.

Learn more by going to http://www.simplepractice.com/therapyreimagined. You can also sign up and receive a special promotion of getting 3 months of SimplePractice for the price of 1. Please note, this offer is valid for new customers only.

Thank you to our generous sponsor, Simplified SEO Consulting. Do you have a beautiful website that just doesn’t rank very well on Google? Simplified SEO Consulting can help! Jessica Tappana, LCSW and a team of SEO Specialists focus exclusively on helping mental health professionals improve their website rankings on Google so you can get in front of more clients! Jessica’s team goes in depth to edit your website in a way search engines will respond to, while also encouraging you to maintain your own voice and branding. Simplified SEO Consulting offers both SEO training for motivated practice owners who want to learn to manage their own SEO as well as “done for you” services for therapists who are too busy and are ready to hire someone to invest the time into getting their website ranking. Simplified SEO Consulting is offering a FREE 7-day SEO e-mail series to help you learn the basic components that can help you get your website to the top of search engines! If you’re interested in learning more about search engine optimization, you can head over to http://www.simplifiedseoconsulting.com/moderntherapist to sign up!

The Therapist Leader was created to assist therapists developing their businesses beyond the one-to-one model in a strategic and sustainable way, using a three-pronged approach, Refine | Scale | Lead:

REFINE your practice in way that leverages your money, your time and your life in such a way that leaves room to grow your business idea.

Then SCALE your new business idea in a way that is aligned with your values, your lifestyle and tunes out the noise of a busy online world of get rich and overstated marketing promises.

And LEAD your business well. Leadership doesn’t have to be scary and leadership shows up in many ways in your business growth journey. Getting equipped is empowering and essential.

Get your free CEO Workbook and accompanying e-course at TheTherapistLeader.com which will walk you through 5 key shifts to make to grow the business of your dreams.

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