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  • Mental health workers after COVID-19 (blog) - We’ve long been advocates for therapists getting paid and at the forefront of pushing social advocacy for the therapist job. It doesn’t take a crystal ball right now to see that the COVID-19 coronavirus will have an economic impact on the near future of our profession. This may not be the news that we want […]
  • Are You Too Personal About Your Work? (blog) - Originally posted on Evolve to Thrive ( When you’re passionate about what you do, you can put a lot of yourself into your work. Even more, if you’ve embarked on this work because of a life changing experience, the work can feel more important than anything else in your life. I know how vital this […]
  • Psychotherapy’s ‘Yes Man’ Problem (blog) - Earlier this week, I shared our most recent podcast episode in several online groups. Almost immediately, the content was challenged by someone who had obviously not listened to the episode because our guests are still in graduate school. Most of the remainder of the comments were positive and supportive. Ironically, part of the episode described […]
  • Saying ‘Trust your gut’ is bad advice (blog) - Your first instinct is that this article is wrong.   Now reflect for a moment. Where did that feeling come from? What evidence do you have for that feeling? You’re only five sentences in, and you have made a decision about this article’s validity…and we haven’t even gotten to the point!   Oftentimes, in clinical […]
  • NO EXCUSES – You Have to Network!! (blog) - So many people HATE networking. Especially helping professionals, it seems. Many therapists think that networking is selling themselves or passing a million cards or brochures out and hoping they get a referral. That’s just wrong. This mindset can be very short-sighted and, potentially, dangerous. Networking is a critical best practice for your clinical work! 5 […]
  • Volunteering for shame (blog) - We clearly stand for paying people for work, as evidenced by our episode on A Living Wage for Prelicensees. Additionally, there’s an aspect of the pervasiveness of volunteer positions for prelicenesees in our profession that is potentially killing the ability to earn a living wage once licensed—and it’s not for the reasons that one might […]
  • You Don’t Have to be a Thought Leader (blog) - You have undoubtedly heard that you should start a private practice and that you should not take insurance or that you should have a side hustle or that you should definitely not work in community mental health. You may have even inferred these things from what we and our interviews with fellow #moderntherapists have said […]
  • OK Boomer is Coming to the Mental Health Workforce (blog) - “OK Boomer” is going to come to the mental health workforce We haven’t exactly shied away from looking at generational differences in the mental health labor force. While the debate continues on about what exactly is happening, what has seemingly been lost in the mix is why this is happening. Generational differences have existed for […]
  • What is my responsibility? (blog) - It’s been almost 2 weeks since Therapy Reimagined 2019. Curt and I connected with so many #moderntherapists in impromptu conversations, in-depth discussions during workshops, and in our live podcast where we talked about how we are defining the #therapymovement. In reflection, I realized that we are promoting the idea that each of us must take […]
  • Therapists hating therapists: Part 2 (or 3?) (blog) - Over the last couple of months, we’ve published some stuff that has generated quite the heated discussions in the comments sections of our blogs, on social media posts, and even extending into some emails, phone calls, and personal discussions that we have been fortunate enough to continue. Most notably, we are looking at the responses […]

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