TR2018 Recap

We had a blast! What a wonderful group of speakers, sponsors, exhibitors and participants!!

We heard from so many people that they were inspired to support our profession, to start something new, or grow as a clinician and a business owner.

Take a look at what your colleagues have to say about this ground-breaking new conference:

This conference was life changing for me. The presenters were very empowering of the person of the therapist. It has given me the courage to step into private practice in order to provide therapy the way I feel is right. It has motivated me to advocate for therapists! I am so grateful for this experience.
-Dr. Lara Davis
I wasn’t sure what to expect when I registered for the conference. I had two goals: network and learn. Well, Therapy ReImagined simply blew my mind! My goals were exceeded and I left the conference feeling inspired and encouraged. I’ll be back next year!
-Nichomi Higgins, LMFT Owner SolCentered Therapy
Therapy Reimagined provided both inspiration as well as practicality surrounding how to be a modern therapist. We explored topics around advocacy, marketing, transparency and how to reach your ideal client. We covered business and ethics and the importance of the therapeutic relationship. And we also discussed the obstacles and joys we face in this profession. I walked away from this conference challenged and more importantly, confident in who I am as a therapist and how I can continue to grow. Looking forward to next year!!
-Lindsay Reiten, ACSW
I was inspired to specialize my practice and share my message as a pre-licensed MFT. I also really enjoyed all the great people I met there. Can’t wait till next year!
-Julie R.
The Therapy Reimagined Conference definitely lived up to its name! It presented a fresh approach to the psychotherapy conference, with an emphasis on diversity and new voices, which I found informative and refreshing! It was great to hear from speakers other than those who I see at every other conference, and I appreciated the range of perspectives that were presented. I would love to see this expand so that we could hear more from each speaker! Can't wait until next year.
-Tony Davis, LMFT, Certified Couples and Sex Therapist
This conference was a long time coming! Thank you to Katie and Curt for their work on making it a reality. Discussion and information regarding the business of private practice was practical and easily accessible. Being among such a diverse group of contemporaries with similar goals was like a breath of fresh air.
-Stefani Roscoe, LCSW
The Therapy ReImagined Conference left me feeling like a better therapist, a better business woman, and a better equipped mental health activist. I left with a renewed vision to serve more clients and collaborate with more colleagues. I am a #ModernTherapist
-Melissa Dumaz, LMFT at U Help You
The Therapy ReImagined Conference was refreshing, innovative and fun. It was a wonderful opportunity to explore our role as helpers and healers from a broader view point. We had the opportunity to examine the business building, innovative, practical aspects of practice. I met some amazing human beings and was inspired to do my best work and continue to evolve as a psychotherapist! I highly recommend it!
-Kimberly Gist Miller, LMFT-S
The Therapy Reimagined Conference was unlike any other conference I have attended. The organizers and speakers openly addressed the fact that the therapy field is struggling and what modern therapists can do to meet this challenge. After being in the field for over 20 years, it was gratifying for me to see that those who are inheriting the therapy profession are not content with the status quo and are able and willing to disrupt what is no longer working and lead the way for what is to come.
-Diann Wingert, LCSW
Such a wonderful conference! Left me with a fire and need to make a huge difference within this community and the communities I want to serve. Not many people encourage you to be your most authentic self in your therapeutic career. They don’t normally encourage you to continue to develop the passions you have so you can make a true difference. This conference and the people involved have done those things for me. Thank you Katie and Curt for fostering a community of therapists that seek to encourage everyone in being authentic and bringing that in their own practice and career! Can’t say enough wonderful things about this conference. Can’t wait to broadcast it around my university so more future clinicians can join in!
-Viviana Perea Prelicensed MFT
Great informative information! Inspired me to focus on my goals and face the fears of being an entrepreneur. Thank you Katie and Curt for an awesome event and ways to grow our profession!
-Jane Lee, LCSW
This conference was a great gathering of forward looking therapists! I look forward to next year very much! I would love to become more involved for next year’s conference. 😀
-Brittany Boveé Schwartz of Total Spectrum Counseling
Katie and Curt assembled a phenomenal conference which allowed therapists to connect, learn and engage with each other in an authentic and ‘real world’ way. Just mike the therapy room, by having a safe place to be myself, and not judged by presenter, etc that I was able to really process the information and learn from some of the best in the industry.
-Tacha Kasper, MA AMFT
Had a great experience at the conference this year! I learned so much from all the knowledgeable and friendly presenters who really took the time to engage with the attendees by creating a relaxing/non-judgmental environment for everyone to feel comfortable describing their personal experiences as clinicians. Presenters covered a wide range of interesting and important topics related to the mental health field. This conference is like no other conference I have ever been to. If you unable to go, you are truly missing a special experience. Can't wait for new year's conference!!
-Matthew Evans
Energizing conference chock full of strategies and ideas for launching your dream private practice. Resources, tips, and support. Walked away feeling prepared to jump in!
-Ella Weiss, LMFT

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