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Take a look at what your colleagues have to say about this ground-breaking new conference:

This was my first experience at the Therapy Re-Imagined Conference and it was sure to NOT disappoint! There was a connection and comradery that was felt by all the participants attending that came from the presenters, hosts as well as the participants at this conference that helped me to see that we are on the cutting edge of a shift and change in the way we think about and address therapy today. I am glad that I was able to be a part of this wonderful day and meet and learn from such exceptional people!
-Melissa Bianchini, LCSW – NY
I can’t wait to make my own vision board of what’s next for me in my career. Now I feel prepared of how to discuss money with clients and how to market for myself and how important it is for me to know exactly what my niche is as a modern therapist.
-Ashley Stacy
Therapy Re-Imagined 2019 was an incredible experience! Every conversation I had was rich with helpful hints. I think the magic of this conference was 1/3 great material, 1/3 the right people and 1/3 just the overall feel.
-Jessica Tappana, Simplified SEO Consulting
A great opportunity to gather with other therapists looking toward the future growth of our profession.
-John Sovec, LMFT
This was my first TR conference and I can’t wait to be there in 2020! Katie and Curt outdid themselves and set the bar high for the conference as they are… from the venue to the food to the speakers and workshops and more. Leading by example is the best words anyone can use and being a “Modern Therapist” starts with Katie and Curt and they did not disappoint. Don’t miss out on 2020! I will be there and hope to see you too!
-Frances J. Harvey, M.C.L.C, Founder and CEO of My Solution Services, Inc.
The talks and conversations offered at Therapy Reimagined were fresh, challenge our industry norms and were exciting to be a part of. I can’t wait for next year.
-Cori Rosenthal, LMFT
Most therapist conferences are boring, boring, boring!! I love the mix of business building inspiration with clinical topics. I left so inspired that I’m going to start a new business I conceived of while chock full of confidence and inspiration!
-Lisa Gray, LMFT
As a clinician with over 11 years of teaching experience and 20 years of non profit experience who has recently transitioned to a full time to private practice this conference was exactly what I needed. I appreciate the focus on what is REAL- being an entrepreneur as well as a clinician. This conference was an exciting meeting of the minds which challenged our thought process and inspired us to use our voices to advocate and change what is not in alignment with our values and what our clients need. This was a conference where clinicians were so generous with their time and with sharing their resources…true networking! I am grateful to both Katie & Curt for their vision, their call to action and their generosity! This was the most inspiring and motivating conference I have attended…I will be back! THANK YOU!
-Marion Dave
Finally, a conference that helped me focus on something that hadn’t crossed my mind in years… myself! After 20 years in private practice averaging about 15-20 clients a week, I can honestly say I hadn’t experienced this “burn-out” feeling until the last 2 or 3 years. Attending the conference helped me realize why. The speakers were all much younger, and less experienced than me, but their enthusiasm was infectious, and their expertise on taking care of yourself first really hit home! By making some of the simple changes they suggested, and paying attention to what I need on a regular basis, I think I might be ready for another 20, who knows? Thank you Therapy Reimagined, you all did an awesome job of being inclusive, kind, thoughtful, providing interesting speakers, offering a great venue, and giving us a fantastic conference… See you next year!!
-Lori Patin LMFT, LPC
Therapy Reimagined was the best professional conference I’ve been to. This is the conference for you if you think outside the box and want to meet other professionals that do too.
-Rachel Gabrielle, MA, LMHC
Awesome information from awesome people who not only want your clients to succeed, but who want your business to succeed as well.
-Josie Oakley
This conference helped me to completely reframe my practice. It made me really think about who are my ideal clients and what is the best way to provide therapy to them? I feel like this really makes me a better therapist for my clients.
-Erica Thomas, LMFT Rohnert Park, CA
WOW, the conference was AMAZING once again! Katie and Curt are very talented and inspiring for putting on another jaw-dropping conference. Thank you for creating such a thought-provoking and inspiring space for modern therapists. Being new in the field, I am happy that I have found a conference that I love. A conference that supports modern therapists and touches on the GOOD of this new age of therapy. Last year I attended as a trainee, at the tail-end of graduate school. I remember being so excited and having all of these ideas… and returning this year as an Associate invoked those feelings again. I have so many goals and I’m able to think more clearly and aligned because of what you have both created. Therapy Reimagined is THE conference you need to attend. The content and community does not disappoint! If you are looking to uplevel yourself and your practice – this is the conference for you.
-Sabrina Fish, AMFT
How often do you come across a conference focused on the therapist specifically? Unique, stimulating and necessary conversations about the future of therapy. And damn, it was a lot of fun!
-Donna Corbett LCSW
Energizing, inspirational and informative two day packed conference that got me back in touch with why I became a therapist in the first place!!!
-Ella Weiss LMFT
With The Therapy Reimagined 2019 Conference, Curt and Katie created an exceptional extravaganza event for Modern AND Seasoned Mental Health Professionals. They are concerned with bringing the best out of us so that we can bring our best to our clients. Bravo Modern Therapists!
-Debi Jenkins Frankle LMFT Private Practice Grief Trainings
This conference is for all the therapists who serve modern clients with creativity and innovation. It’s also in California with scenic mountains and beautiful beaches. Finally a conference where I can learn and grow!
-Marquita Johnson, Millennial Dating Coach
This is for the movers and shakers of the field. If you want to stand out and help make positive changes, this is your event to go to and these are the people to meet!
-Emma Jaegle
Wonderful conference with so much information and good ideas jammed into 2 days. Can’t wait to come next year!
-Rachel Irish PhD
This conference was fun and fantastic! Such a nice way to connect with like minded professionals!
Celisa Flores
This is a conference you don’t want to miss, it has thought leaders that are making real differences and sharing their secret sauce.
Sherry Shockey-Pope, LMFT, Therapist Practice in a Box
This was the first conference that I was made aware of that was specifically for Private Practice clinicians, so I was excited to attend! The conference was great! There were clinicians in attendance from across the nation and the workshops were filled with great information! I made some amazing connections and I am looking forward to the next TR conference!
LaTanya Tolan, LCSW; Founder of Soul Care for Black Clinicians
Wow! A much-needed dose of inspiration mixed with a warm-hearted smack upside the head. This conference offers fresh ideas from fresh faces while also calling us out on our Bullsh*t! I laughed… I cried… and I took a look in the mirror. Find your bravery (Brené Browners unite!) and sign up for TR 2020.
Cinnamon Howard, LMFT
I was completely blown away when I attended TR2019. The speakers, the connections, the energy…oh my! I can’t wait to attend again!
Anna Osborn, LMFT
Therapy Reimagined is what all other conferences should strive to be; inclusive, informational, and inspiring.
TR 2019 was an excellent conference. It’s rare to find such a great blend of clinical material, practice-building, and personal growth topics all in one conference! I can’t wait for next year
-Katie Read, LMFT and Creator of Clinician to Coach





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