As a modern therapist, you can no longer just put out a shingle and have clients find you. You’ve probably heard that you need to find a niche, advertise online, and create a catchy elevator pitch for in-person networking. You must create a “personal brand.”

This can seem overwhelming, especially if you’re looking to make sure you’re following best practices – legally, ethically, and clinically.

How do you navigate personal branding?


Invite Curt Widhalm, LMFT and Katie Vernoy, LMFT to present a 6-hour workshop that digs deeply into this topic!

Gain your Law and Ethics CEs while building a strong foundation for your personal brand.

Take this day to learn how to:

  1. Define what personal branding means within the therapy profession.
  2. Identify 3 of your own personal attributes that can inform your niche.
  3. Assess 3 ways that your self-disclosure in marketing can impact your therapeutic relationships.
  4. Create marketing copy based on your own personal brand (that complies with all the applicable laws).
  5. Summarize 4 laws and ethical guidelines related to advertising your personal brand.
  6. Identify 2 potential pitfalls of a strong personal brand.

Let’s explore who you are and how your story affects your work. Show up more authentically – in your marketing and in the room.

Your Presenters:

Curt Widhalm, LMFT & Katie Vernoy, LMFT have each created successful private practices in the greater Los Angeles area. They are the hosts of “The Modern Therapist Survival Guide” podcast, which explores the issues brought up in having a professional, personal, and private life as a therapist. Both have been actively involved in several different parts of the profession. Curt is a Subject Matter Expert for the BBS and Katie has successfully established “Evolve to Thrive” as a professional coach. They have both served on the CAMFT Board of Directors.


Invite Curt and Katie out to your professional meeting, conference, or group! We provide in-depth content that is updated for your particular market and location. Please reach out if you're interested in engaging us for your meeting:


What other's have said about The Brand Called You:

"Many of us have been to legal and ethics workshops that get us overwhelmed and scared, and we end up doing nothing different. Some of us have been to marketing workshops that end with a long to-do list that never gets done. This workshop was not scary or overwhelming. Better than that, it was hands on. The branding exercises were done during the workshop, so I took away copy I can use. Curt and Katie are not only knowledgeable about law and marketing, but they know how to ask questions so that participants can come up with their own solutions."  - Ofra Obejas, LCSW


“Having taken multiple L&E Courses over the past 18 years, this one felt the most practical to my business and marketing efforts with the least amount of anxiety-producing content.  Katie and Curt’s styles compliment each other with informative, humorous and sometimes disparate opinions on the same material that makes for a more engaging three-dimensional workshop.  I left feeling a greater sense of direction for multiple ways to reach my ideal clientele by marketing with integrity.  I highly recommend their workshop!" - James Guay, LMFT

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