Let’s reimagine therapy
and therapist education.

Join the #therapymovement! Connect with a network of professionals where you are seen, included, and respected. Help us to bridge the gap between therapist education and actual therapist experiences – making sense of the world where we were taught one thing and then the real learning begins.

Join us to:

  • Create sustainable careers, incorporating sound business practices and technology, with adequate pay for all therapists.

  • Improve education to reflect modern practices, high quality clinical work, therapist self-care, and the diversity in our communities.

  • Increase representation across the field, supporting inclusion on our stages, in our classrooms, and in our offices.

  • Improve access to mental health care without requiring sacrifice, financial instability, and burnout from therapists.

Let’s reimagine therapy for the modern age – creatively, authentically, ethically, and with respect for the amazing diversity in our communities.

Through our podcast, workshops, and continuing education, we’re exploring how to navigate the role of therapist as it is now.

Are you a

  • You don’t believe that bad working conditions and crappy wages are a rite of passage.

  • You don’ believe mental health should be patriarchal, white-washed, or heterosexist.

  • You believe therapy should keep up with the demands and resources of the changing tech landscape.

  • You believe in real advocacy for the host of challenges we face today.

  • You unashamedly prioritize self-care.

Join the conversation

Curt and Katie Podcast

The Podcast

Modern Therapist’s Survival Guide®

Where Therapists Live, Breathe, and Practice as Human Beings

It’s time to reimagine therapy and what it means to be a therapist. We are human beings who can now present ourselves as whole people, with authenticity, purpose, and connection.

To support you as a whole person and a therapist, your hosts, Curt Widhalm and Katie Vernoy talk about how to approach the role of a therapist in the modern age.

Participate in Workshops

Featured ’Shop

The Brand Called “You”

Curt and Katie present a six-hour workshop that digs deeply into the legal, ethical, and clinical challenges of personal branding.

Brand Called YOU Workshop

Featured ’Shop

Optimal Performance for Therapists

Curt and Katie move past typical calls for “self-care” and minimizing burnout. Let’s talk about practical tools to create optimal performance as a therapist.

Beyond Burnout Workshop

Modern Therapist Learning Community

Conference Education

Get CE Hours for Listening!

On the Modern Therapist’s Survival Guide podcast, we work each week to share knowledge that isn’t typically taught in grad school. Now, we’re offering longer, more in-depth episodes and we’re able to provide continuing education for our listeners!

When you are finished listening to the episode, you can hop over to our learning platform, answer a quiz and fill out an evaluation and receive one hour of continuing education. It can’t be easier!

You can see all of podcourses here. Make sure to check out our current continuing education approvals here.