Therapy Reimagined

Being a therapist in the modern age involves so much more than being a strong clinician.

Yet so much of our schooling and continuing education focus solely on clinical intervention.

What about you as a person?

What about you as a business owner?

What about you as a citizen of the world?


So many of us can feel lost when trying to balance a personal brand and professional boundaries.

Marketing can feel foreign or icky.

It can seem like being a business owner is an afterthought (and your caseload reflects that).

You may want to step up as an advocate, but aren’t sure how to do so in a way that honors the role you’re “supposed to” play as a therapist.

Let’s figure this stuff out. Let’s reimagine how therapy is practiced.


Through our podcast as well as in-person workshops and conferences, we’re exploring how to navigate through the role of therapist in today’s society.

Let’s talk about:

The diversity of our field is growing, so it’s critical that we keep up.

Let’s talk about who we really are and what we really do!

Our profession is changing. 

Join the conversation on how to reimagine therapy – creatively, authentically, ethically, and with respect for the amazing diversity in our communities.

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