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Online therapy is here to stay

Online isn’t going away for therapists…the good and the bad The COVID-19 crisis forced the majority of the mental healthcare profession online—from graduate school training to supervision to delivery of services to clients. After the initial transition many experienced therapists reported success in their transition to online care, especially those working from CBT models, with […]

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Traumatizing Trauma Workers: Don’t Leave the choice to the worker

Circling in the news recently and being shared widely on social media is the story of Dr. Lorna Breen, a New York ER doctor who died by suicide after having served in the frontlines in treating cases of COVID-19. While Dr. Breen was not a therapist, any member of our healthcare community that dies by […]

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Psychotherapy’s ‘Yes Man’ Problem

Earlier this week, I shared our most recent podcast episode in several online groups. Almost immediately, the content was challenged by someone who had obviously not listened to the episode because our guests are still in graduate school. Most of the remainder of the comments were positive and supportive. Ironically, part of the episode described […]

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Volunteering for shame

We clearly stand for paying people for work, as evidenced by our episode on A Living Wage for Prelicensees. Additionally, there’s an aspect of the pervasiveness of volunteer positions for prelicenesees in our profession that is potentially killing the ability to earn a living wage once licensed—and it’s not for the reasons that one might […]

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OK Boomer is Coming to the Mental Health Workforce

“OK Boomer” is going to come to the mental health workforce We haven’t exactly shied away from looking at generational differences in the mental health labor force. While the debate continues on about what exactly is happening, what has seemingly been lost in the mix is why this is happening. Generational differences have existed for […]