All Kinds of Burned Out

All Kinds of Burned Out

Curt and Katie talk about the different types of burnout. We look at the differences between employee and entrepreneur burnout, including how to prevent it and how to treat it.

It’s time to reimagine therapy and what it means to be a therapist. To support you as a whole person and a therapist, your hosts, Curt Widhalm and Katie Vernoy talk about how to approach the role of therapist in the modern age.

In this episode we talk about:

  • The difference between burnout for employees and entrepreneurs
  • How the different nature of how we work impacts how/why we burn out
  • Employee burnout: cog in the machine, dehumanization, lack of agency
  • Entrepreneur burnout: hustling for income, decision fatigue, facing change with rigidity
  • How to prevent the different types of burnout
  • The importance for putting systems in place to decrease the tendency for entrepreneurial burnout
  • When passion and obsessive efforts can also cause burnout
  • The danger of having a lack of balance between passion and rest or personal life
  • Types of burnout – overload, underchallenged, neglect
  • Moral Injury, locus of control, and the impact of unhealthy work environments
  • The challenges of having to work outside of our “zone of genius” in starting a private practice
  • Different types of shame related to impostor syndrome, “hobby practice,” charging too much
  • How excuses can get in the way
  • Ideas on how to address burnout

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Curt Widhalm is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in private practice in the Los Angeles area. He is a Board Member at Large for the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, a Subject Matter Expert for the California Board of Behavioral Sciences, Adjunct Faculty at Pepperdine University, and a loving husband and father. He is 1/2 great person, 1/2 provocateur, and 1/2 geek, in that order. He dabbles in the dark art of making “dad jokes” and usually has a half-empty cup of coffee somewhere nearby. Learn more at:

Katie Vernoy is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, coach, and consultant. As a helping professional for two decades, she’s navigated the ups and downs of our unique line of work. She’s run her own solo therapy practice, designed innovative clinical programs, built and managed large, thriving teams of service providers, and consulted hundreds of helping professionals on how to build meaningful AND sustainable practices. In her spare time, Katie is secretly siphoning off Curt’s youthful energy, so that she can take over the world. Learn more at:

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Our opinions are our own. We are only speaking for ourselves – except when we speak for each other, or over each other. We’re working on it.

Our guests are also only speaking for themselves and have their own opinions. We aren’t trying to take their voice, and no one speaks for us either. Mostly because they don’t want to, but hey.

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Voice Over by DW McCann

Music by Crystal Grooms Mangano

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