Open to Opportunity

Open to Opportunity: An Interview with Anita Avedian, LMFT

An interview with Anita Avedian, LMFT, CAMS-IV, about her ability to identify opportunities for entrepreneurship. Curt and Katie talk with her about how she has thrived as a therapist and a business owner, even though she doesn’t see herself as a “visionary” or “strategist.”

It’s time to reimagine therapy and what it means to be a therapist. We are human beings who can now present ourselves as whole people, with authenticity, purpose, and connection. Especially now, when therapists must develop a personal brand to market their practices.

To support you as a whole person and a therapist, your hosts, Curt Widhalm and Katie Vernoy talk about how to approach the role of therapist in the modern age.

Interview with Anita Avedian, LMFT, CAMS-IV, Executive Director of Avedian Counseling Center, Executive Director of Anger Management Essentials

Anita Avedian is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and has been practicing psychotherapy since 1996. She opened her practice in 2001 and continues to see clients in Sherman Oaks, Hollywood, Glendale, and Woodland Hills. Avedian Marriage and Family Therapy Corporation was formed in 2018, where Anita merged Anger Management 818 and her private practice into a group practice. Her specialties include working with relationships, anger, social anxiety, general anxiety, and addictions. Anita is the Executive Director of Avedian Counseling Center, with 8 locations, helping people work towards improving their daily lives and relationships.

Anger Management Essentials is an approved National Anger Management Association (NAMA) model which is used for anger management certification. Moreover, Anita is an Authorized NAMA Trainer and Anger Management Supervisor for certifying anger management specialists. She is a Certified Anger Management Specialist IV and a Diplomat Member of NAMA. Anita offers a monthly training throughout the West Coast to certify counselors in anger management. She authored Anger Management Essentials, a workbook for aggression, which has been translated into Spanish, Armenian, and Hebrew. The Teen Version was published in 2017.

Anita is very involved with the professional community. Anita is the co-Founder and President of the California Chapter of NAMA, and the Founder of Toastmasters for Mental Health Professionals. Anita is an active member of the Armenian American Medical Society (AAMS) and the Armenian American Mental Health Association (AAMHA). She also volunteers to help organize the mental health segment of the annual Glendale Health Festival.

In this episode we talk about:

  • How Anita started and succeeded at a number of different businesses
  • Learning about business and entrepreneurship
  • The importance of networking and building relationships
  • Following the path in front of her, toward leadership, business, entrepreneurship
  • The additional education she engaged in, so that she was able to learn what she needed to do
  • The path toward all the offerings she has created: a book, creating a curriculum and certificate program, multi-location group practice, managing office space, speaking and presenting, new endeavors
  • How collaboration and fun has led her into opportunities that she didn’t expect
  • Anita claiming that she doesn’t have vision, but has made herself available to the possibilities
  • How she now assesses opportunities for time, feasibility, etc.
  • How she is able to let go of ideas or projects that are not working
  • How she makes decisions and identifies needs in her communities
  • The strategy she takes to expand offerings
  • How and why she says no
  • How her work naturally progresses
  • Why some people miss out on opportunities
  • The ability to trust opportunities to be there when they are needed
  • Doing what she enjoys, building the relationships she wants, in order to live a good life (rather than just to get referrals)
  • Why she only does stuff that she enjoys doing
  • Trusting that if we do what we love, from that grows these wonderful connections and opportunities
  • How networking took over her week – and how she cut down
  • How helping others for free was taking away from her ability to do her own work and led to a lucrative little side business
  • How when we don’t invest in our businesses that we don’t do what we need to do to grow and thrive in business
  • The problem with operating your business out of fear
  • How to step into what you’re becoming
  • Looking at the concept of finding your own special sauce
  • How to identify what is in front of you, seeing the opportunities for what they are
  • See what you have happening in front of you, even if it isn’t therapy
  • Don’t let your vision get in the way of what is in front of you
  • Recognizing that these are experiments and you can let go of them

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Phone number: 818-426-2495

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Therapy Reimagined 2019

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Curt Widhalm is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in private practice in the Los Angeles area. He is a Board Member at Large for the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, a Subject Matter Expert for the California Board of Behavioral Sciences, Adjunct Faculty at Pepperdine University, and a loving husband and father. He is 1/2 great person, 1/2 provocateur, and 1/2 geek, in that order. He dabbles in the dark art of making “dad jokes” and usually has a half-empty cup of coffee somewhere nearby. Learn more about Curt at

Katie Vernoy is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, coach, and consultant. As a helping professional for two decades, she’s navigated the ups and downs of our unique line of work. She’s run her own solo therapy practice, designed innovative clinical programs, built and managed large, thriving teams of service providers, and consulted hundreds of helping professionals on how to build meaningful AND sustainable practices. In her spare time, Katie is secretly siphoning off Curt’s youthful energy, so that she can take over the world. Learn more about Katie at

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